Musings (11/29/2022)

I’m currently:

  • Listening to Elton John’s Mellow while bopping my head in my seat. I stand by Honky Ch√Ęteau being Elton’s best album.
  • Feeling birthday eve excitement.
  • Thinking 34 years old sounds pretty awesome.
  • Looking at our happy Christmas tree. It cuts through the clutter of our house and sparks joy.
  • Wondering how the kids are doing after flu shots this morning. They were brave little champs!
  • Grateful for solo mornings, time to slow down, and meandering through the woods by our house.
  • Curious about where we will end up in January: Florida, Texas, South Carolina, New York? Feels like it could be anywhere.
  • Dreading starting work in 25 minutes. Not feeling very inspired and engaged lately.
  • Learning about my eating habits through Noom and getting tired of myself. Maybe that means I’m ready to change. Trying to rest in awareness and view that as progress.
  • Reading Beach Read by Emiy Henry and LOVING IT!
  • Wrestling with meditating and journaling daily. Sometimes I just don’t want to sit with myself, but those are the times it is most important to.
  • Letting go of the need to have it all figured out and know the “right path”. Life is full of switchbacks, hidden valleys, high high peaks, and so much love. So much love. Whenever I come back to that, I feel at home and at peace.
  • Remembering how far I’ve come in the last year since birthing Callum and my back injury. So proud of my progress physically and mentally. I am so much tougher than I ever believed.
  • Excited for my 34th year on this earth. I have a feeling it is going to be magical.
Christmas tree, fire, and 3 of my favorite people
This is what 3 and 33.9 years old looks like!
This puffy red jacket has us all cracking up.

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