New York Summer: Extended Edition

What’s that old saying? When life throw you coronavirus curveballs, you plant your feet and stay put? I’m sure there will be some new saying coming out of this pandemic but 99% sure that won’t be it 🙂 BUT for us that is very true right now! After planning to fly home to Texas mid August, we nixed that plan due to sky high COVID-19 numbers in Texas, in our city, in our neighborhood.

COVID-19 Cases in Texas – yikes!

Things I miss from home:
-Fall wardrobe! So extra, but it is tough to be around changing leaves, falling temps, and the smell of fall and not miss my boots, sweaters, and cute fall clothes.
-Comfort items from home that signify my nightly calm down routine: salt lamp, diffuser, fluffy robe.
-Our kitchen items, particularly knife set, pan, and knowing where things are. Now I know if we ever live our of Airbnbs for an extended time we will be like Top Chef and travel with our own little kitchen set. Cooking brings us such joy and is more fun for me with familiar items. With that being said, my parents do have just about every cooking utensil, apparatus, and thing-a-ma-bob under the sun so it has been fun using their tools! Special shout outs to the mix master, muddler, and mandolin.

Unexpected Awesomeness:
-Seeing in-laws over Labor Day
-Visiting with Mike, Katrina, and Max in New Hampshire
-Stopping at Letchworth State Park
-Fall leaves!!!!!!
-Grandparents getting to see Liza start walking

TLDR: We are staying in NY for another two months. Flights booked home to Texas mid October. Enjoying the smell of fall in the air and weekends with family.

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