Monthly Happenings – June 2020

What a hectic end to a relaxing June. We ended the month flying to New York to spend the summer with family and friends. Traveling during a pandemic was stressful, but we did it as safely as we could. Masks, hand sanitizer, distancing when possible. Littles was the real MVP of the trip. She was so content and slept almost the entire first flight. The second flight a very nice lady across the row kept her entertained with her jingly bracelets and fun songs. So appreciative to have a great little traveler!

Packing with the best little helper!

2020 is our first year as a family of 3! With that we have increased our yearly expenses by $10k (partially arbitrary, partially based on research of how expensive babies are). Our goal for 2020 is total yearly expenses of $50,000. That means keeping our expenses under $4,166 per month.

Let’s see how we did this month:

may expenses

We saw an increase in social distanced hangouts this month. After 2 months of zoom calls we were ready for in person but 6 feet apart. Nice to see faces with full bodies again!

What’s coming up:

4th of July fun with Mr. Doodlepop’s family on Lake Erie. Settling into a summer routine with my parents while staying in their home for the next 2 months. My older sister visiting the end of the month. Eating all of the zucchini, eggplant, blueberries, lettuce, and peas out of my Dad’s garden!

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