New York Summer

T-minus 2 days until we are on a flight to Upstate New York for the summer! Pros: escaping the Texas heat, spending extended time with family (we have missed you all so much!), feeding our wanderlust. Cons: traveling during a global pandemic with a very active 10 month old (update: NY just instituted a 14 day quarantine for any high risk states which includes ours! This will be interesting.), spending extended time with family (will we drive each other mad?? hopefully not!), stress of leaving our home for 8 weeks, packing in 4 suitcases. It sounds easy being that we once went to Munich with all of our camping supplies in carry-on sized bags for Oktoberfest, but packing as a family of 3 is proving to be challenging! Cloth diapers take up a ton of space, but make for happy baby and parents. More motivation for potty learning. 🙂

A bag that should be packed by now, but is woefully empty…

Just to continue my 5 day streak of procrastinating packing, I’ve started a list of fun for the summer. It is filled with what I’m hoping to eat, do, enjoy, and make. This will be an active list with updates on completed items and additions. Summer has officially started and needless to say I am in a New York state of mind.

Summer List of Fun

  • Make a strawberry-rhubarb pie with my Mom using rhubarb from their backyard
  • Watch Mrs Doodlepop and Littles experience the delightful taste of a fresh tomato for the first time from my Dad’s garden
  • Successfully travel with a pop-up camper (thank you AF for letting us try this out!! You rock.)
  • Fresh bagel from Bruegger’s
  • Enjoy countless fires in my parent’s backyard
  • Watch Littles get more familiar her Grammy and Granddad
  • Make grilled pizza with my parents
  • Take a 3-generations photo (bonus for outfit coordination)
  • Go strawberry picking
  • Wine tasting on the Finger Lakes
  • Breakfast sandwich from McCarroll’s
  • Pizza from Joey’s in Endicott
  • See Littles (possibly) take her first steps – she’s so close!
  • Cider from Indian Ladder Farms
  • Go on a date with Mr Doodlepop (ice cream and hang at a playground like my high school days? rock climbing?)
  • Hike in Watkins Glen and Ithaca
  • Enjoy ice cream from Tastee Freez
  • Responsibly see amazing friends in the area
  • Not get COVID-19 or give it to anyone
I love my parent’s backyard so much!

Habits to Maintain (and Further Develop) While Away

  • My morning routine: big glass of water, smoothie, vitamins, hot tea & 5 minute journal, meditate, morning pages.
  • Our daily family walk
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Bring my water bottle everywhere.
  • Little’s bedtime & sleep routine, breastfeeding. cloth diapering & giving potty-tunities often, independent play, and love of music.
  • Game night once per week
  • My night routine: catch up on the day with Mr Doodlepop right after Littles goes to bed, 5 minute journal, resolution chart, flossing, reading.

Our current favorite game: Pandemic!

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