The Happiest Marathon on Earth

26.2 miles. Wow. That’s a lot of miles!!!

I finished in 4 hours, 50 minutes, and 30 seconds and could not have been happier. My body surprisingly felt pretty good as I crossed the finish line. Maybe it was the endorphins, maybe the gummy bears I ate at mile 21, but man, you would have had a really hard time knocking the grin off my face. My college roommate and legacy marathon runner, Brit, warned me of the rush of emotions I would feel as I crossed the finish line of my 1st marathon. It did not disappoint. I was maniacally smiling while crying with my feet buckling underneath me. Overall an amazing challenge and one I would not have gone after without the encouragement of Brit and her prompting me to run the “happiest marathon on earth”. Thanks for pushing me to push my body to the limit.

2017 Walt Disney World Marathon – January 8, 2017

I can’t forget to mention my biggest and best supporter, Mr. Doodlepop, who ran over 6 miles just to catch me at 4 different points of the race! He provided words of encouragement (throughout my 5 months of training & on race day), needed chap stick, and big kisses to keep me going. Love you to the top of the Cinderella Castle and back!

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