How I knew Mr. Doodlepop was “my guy”

It was January in Wisconsin. A balmy 1 °F. And we were lost. Driving down some back country road that didn’t seem to lead anywhere. All the while Mr. Doodlepop was assuring me he knew where we were going and that we were “almost there”! We finally pull up in front of this big red barn and step out into the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin in January. I immediately heard a chorus of moo’s from inside the barn and a giant grin came over my face. This man was slowly making my dreams come true in the form of a giant, 4-legged, spotted animal. Milking a cow has been on my life to-do list since forever and I was way too excited about it. Mr. Doodlepop smiled and said to me, “Your bucket list is my bucket list.” At that point I knew I was a goner and we were bound to have one of those ridiculous love stories. The kind where nothing goes right, but somehow everything comes back to that one person. We ended up getting a complete tour of the dairy farm by the extremely knowledgeable farmer. We learned more about cow insemination than I ever thought I wanted to know and had a great time exploring. Definitely a memory that will stick in my head forever.heart

Milking Lotta. She was named that since she produces a ‘lotta’ milk. All the cows had cool names.

4 thoughts on “How I knew Mr. Doodlepop was “my guy”

    1. That is so cool your grandpa was a pork farmer!! The life of a farmer sure is a tough one, but I bet it is super rewarding. I loved checking out the farm!

  1. To knocking out each other’s bucket list continually, instead of “one day” 🙂 *raises glass*

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